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We're an independent game developer and publisher based in the UK and Europe, with offices in Porto, Brighton and London. Our team is spread across the globe and is currently composed of around 60 writers, artists, developers and producers.

Our first game, Disco Elysium, was released on PC in 2019. Since then, it’s won numerous awards and Game of the Year honours, including four Game Awards, three BAFTAs, and a D.I.C.E. Award. The definitive edition of the game – Disco Elysium: The Final Cut – was released on PC, Mac, and consoles in March 2021.

Disco Elysium

The right outfit, in the right situation, can make all the difference in the world. ZA/UM presents an original range of sweet and stylish bodywear. Inspired by concepts in the smash-hit role-playing game Disco Elysium, this is fiction made fabric.

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