No Truce With The Furies!


So! I figure it is probably high time to start with the devlog thread for the game I’m working on right now. It’s a project I started putting together with a couple of friends last winter, but real work didn’t start until around September or so. The project carries a tentative title of “No Truce With The Furies”

“No Truce With The Furies” is a short form isometric role-playing game set in a fictional mid-20th century world. You explore Martinaise, a coastal district of the Revachol metropolitan area where some decades before a failed revolution dethroned the Monarchy, but left the city and its people susceptible to the self-serving influence of the international community and free-market capitalism.

The game is set in a time of cold war in a world that never was. Replace the futuristic science elements in sci-fi with modernity and you get…. Modernopunk? A world of Bauhaus and Dada, neo-grotesk fonts and transistors, communists and fascists and boring old democracies. Off the coast you can occasionally spot airbound coalition warships keeping the peace. They are kept afloat with magnetic levitation. Further beyond the horizon there is the Pale that divides the continents.

You play this guy:


The finest officer from Precinct 41 of the Revachol Police Department! Sent away on a special mission to investigate a special report from the relatively remote port of Martinaise. There may be a slim chance the higher ups just want to get you out of their hair? There may be some haters who call you “a disgrace to the uniform”, but you know what you really are; you’re a Super Star and the only cop who’s capable of getting anything done in that chicken-shit outfit.. You’re here to represent the fledgling self-organized and semi-recognized police force of Revachol and goddamn if you’re not gonna rock at it!

While in Martinaise you wait for an event you know to be coming. It is called the Tequila Sunset.

The plan for this game is to eschew combat to focus more on event modeling and narrative decision making. Hopefully there are more ways we can interact with the world around us than reaching out and touching it with a gun. It’s going to be a narrative driven dialogue heavy game laced with humour. (The irony that the character above is shooting a gun is not lost on me.)

I’m the art director for “No Truce With the Furies” so I make the pretty happen. We’re doing pre-rendered backgrounds which I then paint over for stylistic reasons and we’re spicing up our 3d character models with some hand painted normal map magic to get some more brushstrokes in there. The above image is an example of what the background art looks like.

Some background info for those interested – we’re a fresh team of some 11 dudes sitting in some (currently very cold) rooms in Tallinn, Estonia making the game in Unity. As kids a bunch of us were big fans of the old Fallouts and Infinity Engine games, so it’s pretty darn dope to be making one now. The dream is to make a full form RPG after this one, but for now we consider No Truce a first bite. A smaller game to work out our big mechanics and storytelling methods.

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