Time again for the legendary, quasi-legendary, mostly forgotten Lorry of the Week! Last week’s entry had people asking: how does it turn? To that I say: I don’t know. We have forwarded the question to our certified genius / notoriously difficult to work with industrial designer, but he has secluded himself in a forest cabin for the time being. So I wouldn’t hold my breath.

This week we have the Faln A-Z “Tempo”.


The Tempo used to be called the “Contemporain” before years of lorryman lingo weathered it down to two syllables. With revision 9 the manufacturer followed suit. This truly iconic vehicle from the late thirties has seen two decades of service and multiple revisions. The Faln A-Z (pronounced “a-zed” in the Revachol region) is a trusted haul and a lifestyle choice for lorrymen, poor people and drunkard artists who need to transport large format paintings.

That adorably awkward boxy salon and those two headlights have become synonymous with roadkill, light fascism, romantic memories of a youth misspent “down at the reservoir” – a mythical place on the outskirts of Revachol where “we used to drive in my brother’s Tempo” – and sadly occasional violence.

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