Thank you, MCM London Comic Con 2018!

Hello pals, we hope you’ve been having a wonderful week.

MCM London Comic Con is all done, and our team had an absolutely wonderful time. We’re so happy that so many of you came by to play Disco Elysium! We even had some friends of the show stop by, like Alice Vandy, Mikee Goodman, and Dot Major. You can get a little peak at that in the above photos that Alice sent us, thank you Alice!!

We also really appreciated that some of you who had played at previous events stopped by to visit us with your friends and encouraged them to give it a try. As we show the game more and more, we hope to see that continuing to happen. It’s really motivating for us as we continue to work, we’re so thankful for your support.

This time we had one of our QA people, Laura, staffing the booth and she was kind enough to share some of the pictures she took around the event. We hope you like them!

Don’t forget that the next time we’ll be showing Disco Elysium will be in San Francisco on November 11th at Day of the Devs! You can get all the details and RSVP for the event on their website.

We’ve heard many tales about the negative effects of working without playing, so in our resting hours many members of the ZA/UM team have been spending time with the recently released Return of the Obra Dinn. Lucas Pope’s work has been a major source of inspiration for us, and this new game is no exception. Several members of ZA/UM are also big fans of memes, and… well…… Sorry, Lucas.

Until next time.


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