We’ve Got More Pictures From Events, More Press, and More News!

Hi everyone!

Day of the Devs is all done, and we had a phenomenal time. We’ve said it before but we really have to say it again- Thank you so much to Double Fine and iam8bit for including us in their stellar showcase. We wanted to play every game, and we also had so much fun hanging out at our booth meeting you all! We really enjoyed talking to those of you who have following the game for a while, as well as those who were discovering it for the first time. We hope you’ll enjoy this collection of pictures we took during the weekend

Meanwhile, Kaur was off in Guangzhou getting to know the local video game scene at Games Fusion Lite! We’re very excited to have had such a positive response to the debut of our Chinese translation demo. It felt really good to see so much laughter in response to the jokes! Many thanks to the team at whispergames for helping to make this possible. Oh, and by the way, we’re on Weibo now! We hope you’ll follow along and support us over there as well.

We can’t make it through a week without a fresh announcement these days, so here’s one for this week: We’ll be participating in Kinda Funny’s Game Showcase! On Tuesday, December 8th they’ll be hosting a streaming celebration of all things gaming, including us! We hope you’ll mark your calendars and tune in so you can see us.

We’ve got one last thing to share with you this week before we go. Prospect Magazine was kind enough to mention us as having “some of the best dialogue I’ve encountered in a video game, paired with some of the strangest game mechanics” when they stopped by our EGX booth. We really dug reading this piece, and think you will too, so please give it your time.

Catch ya later!

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