Guangzhou Was So Nice We Wrote About It Twice

At the beginning of November, we showed off the Disco Elysium demo, localized to Simplified Chinese, at Games Fusion Lite Guangzhou for the first time ever. We made it. Man I’m happy about it.

Let me start with thank yous. To all the kind people who came to the show in Guangzhou and played our Chinese demo build, thank you. I cannot describe what it meant to us to see so many of you to really dive in and laugh at jokes and really enjoy this first hour or so of Disco Elysium gameplay. And thank you for so many of you for the kind words after playing. We were humbled by your curiosity and compliments and still are. It is you we are making this game for and you really know how to motivate us to push even more! Thank you, fantastic people.

Thank you to G-cores crew for making us feel welcome in a new place. You really know how to organize this kind of events. Everything was super smooth, easy and fun. Yeah I never thought that going to shows can be such a fun. But it was. And thank you Frank, our hero, our volunteer who did all the heavy lifting organizing players and ques and all. Also thank you to Tap Tap for sponsoring our booth. And thank you Allen Wang for taking us to the best hot pot we ever had. See you on May 2019 at Beijing Show!

To Whispergames– Li, Xuan, and your amazing translators: It was really great that you came to visit us at the show. So you saw it with us: your translation was amazing, people came to us and repeatedly told us it is some of the best writing in video games they’ve ever seen. It was mad cool to see you, Li, to replay: yes, this is what we do – the best. Still, we all know how much is yet to be done but this trip confirmed – we will make it and we will make it great. Thank you. And thank you for taking us to the incredibly good dinner. Guangzhou is a food capital of the world for sure and you made us feel like home!

And whole ZA/UM crew and our friends and partners in Estonia, UK, Poland, US, France, wherever you are – thank you. Disco Elysium is something truly special thanks to each and every one of you. Its art, writing, mechanics, and quality are so good already that I can’t wait when we can give it to the people who are really waiting for it everywhere from Seattle to Guangzhou, from Lapimaa to Cap Horn. We know that there is this final push and polish and we better make it good.

ZA/UM feels more and more like a Global and Communist Wu-Tang Clan. And there is no doubt that we will deliver Disco Elysium with a bang.

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Thank you

Executive Producer
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