Join us on Discord!

Happy 2019 everyone! We hope you had a lovely celebration, and your resolutions are off to a great start.

With the opportunity for a clean slate upon us, we decided to apply that fresh start energy to our Discord. We’ve created several new channels so we can get to know you all better, and intend to post about our upcoming plans there first. Several members of Team ZA/UM hang out in there as well so you can interact with us a little more directly.

There’s some pretty big news on the horizon, so we hope you’ll hang out on Discord and celebrate with us while it’s revealed. We’re excited for the new year and hope you are too.

We are also bringing back our Follow Friday series, so we hope you’ll join us each week to meet more of the team. Be sure to follow us on Twitter so you don’t miss out, and like us on Facebook while you’re at it. Thanks for all your support! 

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