Press Round-Up: 2019 Anticipation Lists Edition

Remember when we did that post of games we’re looking forward to in 2019, and we mentioned that we had been included in several lists ourselves? We linked to 5 pieces back then, but it didn’t stop there! While we posted about them all on our Twitter and Facebook as we found them we thought it’d be nice to organize them all in a single post, including those previously mentioned ones just to keep things tidy. Thank you to all the writers and publications who took the time to showcase us!

We were included in lists curated by Gamereactor, VideoGamer, Il Blog di Lollo, Sick Critic, A Most Agreeable Pastime, Stuff, Niche Gamer, Gamers Decide, incrdbl, Afro Panda, bit-gamer, and Nitchigamer. PC Gamer was kind enough to write about us four times! “15 new PC games we’re excited for in 2019,” “The 2019 RPGs we’re looking forward to” “How does 2019 look for PC blockbusters and exclusives?” and “The PC Gamer 2019 Fantasy Draft.” We were also mentioned by the The Telegraph.

We’re not gonna lie, all this support is really motivating for us. We hope you’ll keep cheering us on as we work on Disco Elysium. We’ll sign off this week by leaving you with some fresh art celebrating the lunar new year. Happy Year of the Pig!


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