Official Soundtrack by British Sea Power NOW AVAILABLE

The Official Soundtrack for Disco Elysium from British Sea Power is now available for all without having to own a copy of the game.

Original 28 songs composed by British Sea power for Disco Elysium – totalling 3 albums worth of music. Available in FLAC and MP3 320 kbps.

Disco Elysium soundtrack by the award-winning rock band British Sea Power exemplifies the ethos that made Disco Elysium an unforgettable experience. Pushing the idea of what games can be, artists from outside the industry have used their talents to show us new possibilities in interactive media. And this music is at the core of the experience. It is the heart of Martinaise, where everything beautiful is right there, just out of reach. It’s atmospheric — so much like home, but still with something to yearn for. It says everything the words can’t. Revachol is all right here, baby.

If you haven’t played Disco Elysium yet but are a fan of British Sea Power, please do check out the game!


Hardcore Mode and Ultrawide support!

Today, we’re introducing a new gamemode. This isn’t meant for first-time detectives who aren’t already familiar with Martinaise. If you’re new on the beat, come back after you’ve already enjoyed your time in Revachol. This one’s for officers ready to burn out on a wild ride.

Welcome to Hardcore True Detective mode. The city at the end of the world just got more existential.

So, what’s different about Hardcore Mode?

You’ll fail more. That’s a fact of life in Hardcore Mode. The difficulty of every Check goes up, bringing your chances of success down. Solving this case without being a Total Disaster Cop is even harder than normal. On the bright side, you’ll have more to be proud of if you do solve the case, even if your dignity got left behind with the Union of Moribund Alcoholics. And the Cuno. And Klaasje. And — well, just take your victories where you can.

The pornographically poor people Martinaise have even less money to drop, meaning there’s less for you to pick up. Lining your pockets with that delicious lucre is going to be nigh on impossible. Better get used to picking up every scrap of tare you can find. At least Roy still gives okay deals in his pawnshop, as you sell off your material wealth for a pittance. You’ve always had to hustle to survive. Now you’ve got to hustle more.

What’s more, pharmacutical prices have gone up. That’s right! Failing costs you even more. Not only are your favorite over-the-counter drugs are more expensive — they don’t even heal you as much. Even if you find a forgotten stash in the streets, it won’t be as good. That’s how they get you though, isn’t it? They charge you more for less, and make a killing as you die.

If you weren’t a fan of booze and cigarettes before, let alone the hard stuff — well, good luck to you. Life’s a lot more bearable with those pick-me-ups. When all other help abandons you, and your sweet drugs are all that’s left, it’ll be harder to resist the call. Sweet ciggys to clear your head, an extra drink to build up your courage. Hardcore Mode makes it clearer how Martinaise fell into disrepute. No wonder there’s a drug problem when folks have nothing else to turn to.

The few posessions you do have become more important. That FRITTTE Plastic Rain Coat never protected you so good. Your Amphibian Sports Visor always helped you find stuff, but that stuff never mattered so much. Those Flare-Cut, though, and those Green Snakeskin Shoes — you might want to lose them before you try to make any jumps.

You’ve got to be cafeful with what goes in your head, too. You’ve got to plan carefully what you start thinking and when. The Thought Cabinet debuffs are more painful when you’re already more liable to fail. Can you really afford to indulge your Superstar fantasies for a few hours when it’s already harder to think straight? On the flip side, the bonuses thoughts offer might push you down paths you wouldn’t take otherwise. Maybe it’s not sexy to be a Boring Cop, but that extra stability might really help you out.

There is one saving grace you have in Hardcore Mode. The self-help books, at last, are right: Failure builds character. In this worse world, you’ll gain token amounts of extra XP every time you finish a Task. You’ll lever faster and higher, if only marginally. You’ll be able to become a more well-rounded cop, better than you ever were before. So that’s something, at least!

Again, Hardcore Mode isn’t for everyone. But if you’ve loved this strange story in this forgotten city, it’s a way to experience it from a new perspective — a Martinaise perspective. For those of us here at ZA/UM, who’ve already spent hundreds of hours playing, this new mode been a wonderful chance to revisit the game in a fresh way.

Good luck, detective.

And please be sure to check out U L T R A W I D E mode! Our Soundtrack and Artbooklet DLC was also updated with FLAC files, new wallpapers, and an updated artbooklet pdf.


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Disco Elysium has been nominated for 6 awards in the IGN’s 2019 Game of the Year Awards!!

We’re so delighted that so many of you are enjoying the game and we’re so grateful for all of the support we’ve been given and all the nominations we have received during the 2019 awards season!

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