The Perikarnassian church

Hi! My name is Kaspar and I’m working on No Truce With The Furies as a concept artist. In this short post I’m going to tell you a bit about what goes into a background. I’ll do that by elaborating on one of the screenshots from our recent press release, namely the moody one with the bad-ass car and the rain and the big building.

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I worked on that – the Perikarnassian church. It is one of the landmarks in the game and even before I began our AD Aleksander had made this early mood concept (that’s the image above).

The environment started changing during production. First, the area is newly sketched out and a rough 3D block-in of the landscape and buildings etc gets done in Blender. At this point I look at lots of references, sketch some and discuss my ideas with the writers and the AD. Eventually I end up with this:


Based on this sketch I do some variations before going into more detail and minute variations, below, along with the original idea and the rough block-in for comparison.


As you can see by the green tick – at first we went with that one. We had to press on and before I could give it to Mikk for modeling I drew up a slightly more detailed image. In this phase I tried out some colors that would fit the mood of the place. Meanwhile I got to work on the church interior. As this is something you won’t be seeing today I’ll fast forward a bit 🙂


When you compare the model to the concept you’ll see that it has gone through some changes again. The isometric perspective can be a harsh mistress. From some angles you lose detail and other angles butcher the silhouette. In Blender I went back in and made both smaller and larger modifications to the model. There, now we could basically put it in the game! It just needs materials.


Here’s the render of the church where I’ve applied base textures and tweaked the model some more – note the angle of the roof, the tower didn’t really work visually before and I attached a balcony/boardwalk to its side among other details. Now the render’s composites (the various maps our custom shaders use) went back to Rostov, who gave it a paintover.


Et Voila! Ain’t a thing. Thanks for tuning in.

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After our press release, I’m hearing questions – and I want to answer them.

1) Is this a joke?

No. This is a real game. We’re making it.

2) Those screenshots are not real.

It’s a pretty game, yes. We are proud of how it looks. The shots have not been “treated”, however, we’ll share a video in due time.

3) So when are you going on Kickstarter?

As of now, there is no plan to go on Kickstarter. It’ll be out somewhere around the end of 2016. Delays are delays, if they happen they happen. We won’t beat ourselves up about it.

4) What about combat? Does it have combat?

NO TRUCE WITH THE FURIES has violent confrontations at set-piece moments. These are handled within the dialogue system. You can call it heavily scripted turn based combat, if you want to.

There is no real time with pause or traditional turn based combat in the game. We still have hit rolls. We have armour, lives, weapons etc. And you can die. But the action sequences are literature heavy showdowns. You can also lose these showdowns (given that you didn’t die) and the game registers it. You’re free to limp out of there and try a different approach.

5) It’s a choose your own adventure then!

It’s a role playing game. We have 24 skills under 4 stats. You can develop minute character traits and carry them from conversation to conversation. There is a large degree of freedom in the order you approach the world.

In the parts of the game that are finished, we really believe we have achieved an incredible degree of cause and effect.

6) How long is it?

The degree of cause and effect we are aiming means NO TRUCE is in many ways, the opposite of an “epic” RPG. We thought a compact and very personal story would be the best way to introduce ourselves.

The area you can traverse is a short stretch of urban shoreline, a piece of industrial harbour, a litte shacktown, the interior landscape of your alcohol-mangled psyche… and bits I’d rather not spoil now.

It is hard to estimate playtime, but if you were to hold a gun to my head, I’d say… three or four days.


Announcing No Truce With The Furies

NO TRUCE WITH THE FURIES is a story-driven isometric role playing game about being a total failure. An almost irreversible, unmitigated failure. Both as a human being and an officer of the law.

Find yourself in a strange and familiar new world, where you can go anywhere you want to. See that liquor store? You can go there. See that motor-carriage? You can drive it into the ocean. See that phone booth? You can call her, and make her love you again!

Or – you can take one final case and crawl back to life.


    • A new genre of setting developed for over 15 years in absolute secret. Neither fantasy, alternate history, nor any type of -punk, a novel set in the same world has been dubbed fantastic realism.


    • The most advanced visuals ever made for the isometric perspective. A trick of the trade we call paintshading lets us create a moving contemporary oil painting.


    • A realistic skill system lets you develop original ideas using Conceptual Thinking, tune your nervous system with Electrochemistry, and become a disgrace to the uniform with Composure, a skill that lets you don your disco outfit to the maximum effect.



    • Writing by chronically success-impaired science fiction author Robert Kurvitz and original music by the Mercury prize winning band British Sea Power.


    • Thought Cabinet, an inventory for thoughts, where you process the ideas you’ve stumbled on. Ideas become fixtures, permanent beliefs you can’t get rid of, even if you want to.


    • Exactly one hundred and twenty eight times more choice and consequence than previously thought possible in a role playing video game. This is a world where even the smallest things you say matter.


Inspired by “Planescape: Torment”, “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare” and “Kentucky Route Zero”.

“NO TRUCE WITH THE FURIES” has been in development for over a year. It’s expected by the end of 2016 for PC.

We are Fortress Occident. We are 13 strong and “No Truce With The Furies” is our debut.