Follow Friday Recap Part 1

For the past few months, we’ve been celebrating our team at ZA/UM by showcasing them and their work on our Twitter and Facebook for a #FF series. Social media is ephemeral though, so we’ve decided to feature them in a more permanent way over here on our blog. We have a truly amazing team of people lending their skills to make Disco Elysium its best, and so please be sure to support their work outside the game as well.

Markus Härma, our Junior Artist, joined ZA/UM after taking a course on 2D Graphics from another member of the team. His focus has shifted to 3D but it’s his goal to combine both in something 360 to use in VR. Don’t you want to explore these scenes?

Kaspar Tamsalu has done a lot of level design as well as inventory icons. Outside ZA/UM, he started a record company with friends, creating illustrations for the events and albums. He’s also head of the Painting Department at Pallas University!

Our animation programmer, Stein Andrian, works for us implementing characters and setting up “cut scenes.” He’s also working on his thesis Sofus Research, an action RPG where you save a small civilization living in a giant tree from a threatening evil.

When our US Producer EMiSpicer isn’t writing blogs or organizing spreadsheets, she’s freelancing as a photographer! She’s spent 8+ years traveling around the world taking photos at games events, shows, and more. Check out her work on Instagram!


Faces of Revachol: Meet Joyce L. Messier

Joyce L. Messier, Senior Labour Negotiator for the Wild Pines Group, has a very big problem: no one wants to negotiate with her. She came to Martinaise hoping to work out a compromise with the Dockworkers’ Union and end to the strike that has been going on for months, resulting in major losses for the Wild Pines. But Evrart Claire, foreman of the Dockworkers’ Union, has been unwilling to make any concessions, and, having kicked out the previous negotiator, isn’t even letting Joyce into the harbour. Worse yet, the Union stopped all communication with her following the murder you’re investigating. And so you find Joyce docked by the pier in her sloop, sipping tea, exasperated by the entire situation.

This must be something of a new experience for her. Not only is she a professional negotiator, she represents a major logistics conglomerate with a 250-year history — The Wild Pines Group owns the harbour! What’s more: it was the Wild Pines Group that built the district of Martinaise, or at least invested the money for it to be built. Trouble is, Evrart Claire and his twin brother Edgar now unofficially run Martinaise, as we discussed in our blog post on Evrart. In this standoff between the Wild Pines Group and the Dockworkers’ Union, who will prevail?

Early concept art — my, how she’s changed.

As befits a representative of the Wild Pines, Joyce has the air of very old money — generations upon generations of politesse and finger sandwiches. She will be more than courteous with you and even helpful — if you can successfully negotiate with her. Beyond information that may aid you in your investigation, however, she has something to offer that came down to her with that very old money: a broad education of the sort one doesn’t usually comes across in impoverished Martinaise. Joyce is a treasure trove of knowledge for an amnesiac detective who doesn’t really understand what planet he’s on and how it came to be the way it is. You just might find yourself whiling away some hours with her by the water, listening to the waves lapping against the hull of her sloop, entranced by her erudition and lulling eloquence.


We’re Going to GDC!

If you follow us on Twitter and Facebook, then you’ve probably already seen the big news… Your favourite detective game is going to GDC with the lovely Indie MEGABOOTH! Come check out Disco Elysium March 18th and 19th (that’s Monday and Tuesday) on the second level of Moscone West. We’ll be taking drop-in appointments with press too, so please don’t hesitate to come by!

We’re very proud to be included among such a fantastic selection of games once again… Just look at that trailer! They’ve also published a fresh new blog that deserves your attention too.

We’ll see you soon, San Francisco ✌? ?